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impactful experiences for your community

Whether you know what your brand needs, don't know where to begin with the branding/re-branding process, or are somewhere in between, we put ourselves in your shoes and work with you to map out the best journey for your business. We'll define specific objectives and then get to work on executing those targets. 

  Indigo & Cotton  — for those who share an enthusiasm for quality product. Charleston, S.C.

Indigo & Cotton — for those who share an enthusiasm for quality product. Charleston, S.C.


digital marketing

Build, launch, and cultivate your brand's presence in the physical world through mastering the digital one. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)       

  • Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

  • Social Responsibility Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Management 

  • Email Marketing

  • Display (banner) Advertising

These are the services we find ourselves tackling most often. If you have other digital marketing needs such as CRO (conversion rate optimization), where we can analyze your website for improvements and run split tests to discover winning optimizations, we offer a la carte pricing upon request. 


Style & Voice


video production

As one of the most powerful story telling mediums, we provide video production and management. Collaboration and creativity go hand in hand, and being based in the entertainment capital of the world gives us daily exposure to a wide range of creative talents to work with. 



Influence your audience with a one-two minute video that captures the heart & soul of your brand. 



Create social media optimized video content (30-second to one-minute) to capture your audience’s attention and maximize sharing. 


Have an upcoming film festival, conference, or fundraiser? Running a booth at a convention? Hosting or appearing on a panel? A video journal documenting your event is the optimal way to leverage these kinds of opportunities.


Website Design + Build 

Give your brand a home on the internet.  We can create a responsive website with Wordpress or Squarespace. Easy to manage, yet incredibly powerful.

Other web services include:

  • Ecommerce Online Store setup


  • get in touch with us for pricing info + portfolio

There is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.
— Henry David Thoreau