Aloha, thanks for dropping in!

If you're wondering why I picked the name, "Jane & Her Joe" here's a short story to explain how J&HJ came to be:

It took a treacherous 35 miles of rowing our Oru Kayaks, mostly against the currents and wind on the Hudson River, until we spotted a small island to camp on for the night.  After setting up camp with my friend Sung I built a fire and brewed us some coffee. The Joe always comes first. Somehow, those coffee beans stayed dry the whole ride from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley. Just before sunset, YETI mug and camera in hand, I ventured to the edge of Iona Island and looked out on the waters I grew up on.  Indispensable memories were made with my family on the Hudson from paddle boarding, watching West Point's July Fourth fireworks, to hiking in Bear Mountain State Park and organizing a friend's first ever camping trip for their birthday.  

But it's more than a caption.

The nickname some friends have for me, 'Jane' (from Tarzan), and the undeniable fact that I obsess over my coffee, added a hint of inspiration to the title. But it was after this reflective time spent on the water that I wrote the name "Jane & Her Joe" down to caption the photo beside this story. 

To me, JANE represents every woman who is the resistance to the mainstream. 

JANE expresses herself fearlessly, and her hiking boots are only the start of the conversation.

And, HER JOE is any vice that gets her through the day and enables her to inspire the improbable in life. 

Some of my JOEs include: my bike, my outdoor cooking gear, my dog (Ralph), and my brother Blake who will hike any mountain, any timem anywhere with me.

There are JANEs all over the world and they are inspiring the improbable everyday. I'm excited to share a lot of other JANEs and their JOEs with you in our bi-annual journal. If you'd like you can view a preview here. Mahalo!


PS - As for the Pidgin slang, my braddah Blake and I were military brats growing up. He was born at Tripler Military Hospital on Oahu and we always get asked if we are "hapa" meaning half. We usually get half Asian or Hawai'ian. So, that upbringing is why you'll often hear me spreading the idea of aloha.